Monday, June 11, 2012

Duct Tape: Don’t Leave Home Without It

First of all, I know that I will get a lot of flap from my Holland/Dutch buddies about this following post … But I want “kudo” “brownie” “you rock” points or whatever kind of "parental bonus points" I can get after reading this:  We drove to Holland for one important night.  We drove Gin and Vermouth to their Prom.  And actually The Shaker deserves all the credit because he did all the driving.  He drove about 7 hours on Friday and then 7 hours back again on Saturday all on the German Autobahn.  The Autobahn just flat out frightens me!  There are posting for speed limits but, seriously, I think they are optional. I just had to make muffins and sandwiches …

We did this for Gin and Vermouth so that they could see their friends from the “old” international school one more time before everyone took off in separate directions.  Some of their friends finished taking their IB exams and would be starting university in the fall and some were moving to back to their homelands or moving another foreign land when school officially ends at the end of this month.

At first, this posting was supposed to be where is “the wrap???”  Holland is can be cool and those girls should have a wrap!  Yes, I completely agree but here’s the story.  Here’s where the project lies ….
Not even on the needles!
Gin and Vermouth understand the time and effort that I put into any handmade item.  They get it!  So why the extra pressure of making sure that nothing happens to this wrap?  I know Gin; she would be stressed about it.  She would be worried that something would get spilled on it or even may be, get a cigarette burn on it; the possibilities are endless.  When I had said this to Gin, she laughed.  She said yes, I would be nervous about it; to the point where I would probably be walking around with it tightly bound in my hand because I wouldn’t want anything to happen to it.  And then I would panic because my hand would be sweating all over it. 

But instead this is really about “the importance and many uses of duct tape” and how every household should have this item in stock and in assorted colors.  For years The Shaker has stressed to me the importance of duct tape! He has used it on everything … and now on a prom dress.  Yup a prom dress … on the outside for everyone to see it – to be precise. 

While Olive was visiting she got the added bonus of going prom dress shopping with Gin.  Gin is petite and bone-straight thin.  The complete opposite from Vermouth who is thin and but curvy.  I think we went to 4 stores before finding this beautiful, long black dress.  And it fit perfectly! I will admit that I was not terribly pleased at the cost of the dress.  It was more than I liked, but my rational was this – no alterations required and with Gin, alterations are always required.  It was perfect and I knew it the moment she came out of the fitting room smiling ear-to-ear.  

And then Prom night came … Gin is ready to go and I am helping her put on her dress in the final preparations before taking pictures in the back garden.  I get her zipped up and we start walking for the door when I hear a panicked  “Mom!”  I turn and said, “What?”  She said, “Look, the zipper is opened!”  The dress was not tight at all; it was like it was made especially for her.  But there it was … the zipper was zipped all the way up but it had come open.  Maybe you have experienced this once in your life as well, once the zipper is up and it comes open there is no pulling it down.

We were staying with our good friend Margriet.  Margriet, like Olive, has only boys.  But she was quick!  She flew out of the room and came back with an upholstery needle and black thread.  We literally sewed Gin into her dress. It took 20 about minutes between Margriet and The Shaker to this.  They did it with no help from me.  Honestly, I think it was because they know way too well - I would be too precise in the stitching up process.  They were nice to me though, they let me thread the needle, and make the starting and finishing knots. 

And while I was completing the finishing knot at the top, Margriet had ran from the room and came back with shiny, almost patent leather like, black duct tape.  She cut a long ½ inch width piece of tape and placed it over the exposed roughly stitched enclosure.  And it worked.  It looked far better than having those exposed stitches for everyone to see.  I just hoped that the lighting would be turned down low so that no one would notice.

So guess what I get to do this week?  You got it! I will be dragging The Shaker with me back to the shop where we got the dress to try and negotiate a new zipper (strength in numbers is my motto).  And since we are new to Switzerland and their rules on returns this should be interesting.  The most being this:  when we originally came home with the dress and Gin was hanging it up, I noticed that the sales tag was removed from the dress!  I know you can see my shock.  But I do have the receipts: the store’s and the bank’s transaction receipts.  Any advice will be greatly welcomed!

Gin, The Shaker, Me, and Vermouth

The Martini Knitter

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