Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tip: Where Are My Needles?

Over the weekend, while everyone was sleeping I was catching up on my blog reading.  And I swear I am not a stalker.  But I was reading The Yarn Harlot’s blog and it looks like I am or at least a copycat.  In her blog postings from last week she talked about Wingspan and Color Affection. Both projects that I bought yarn for since Olive’s arrival and I have casted on Wingspan all before reading her blog postings. 

But let’s not stop there with casting on …  Olive gave me an idea about knitting needles that she had recently heard:  Write down on a recipe card the name of the project and what needles are being used for that specific project.  I thought, what a great idea! No more hunting around for needles.  So off I went to write down where my needles are.  The recipe card idea is almost a big mistake … it shows all the projects that are works-in-progress and what is actually not being completed.  Forget that I can find all of this information out on my project page on Ravelry.

Before Olive’s arrival, I had needles on the following projects: a felted projects bag, the Advent scarf (I will admit I am still on Day 7), Corduroy (yes, I have finally started the second sleeve), a beach sweater from this summer’s KnitSimple, a pair of Ann Budd’s socks, Owl’s cardigan, and Silken Straw summer sweater.  Yes, I know … that is 7 work-in-progress projects.  But let’s not stop there, because I have yarn and I have needles that are just sitting there with nothing on them.  So I have now casted on Wingspan for my mindless TV watching - Olive brought us Season 1 of The Killings and we are all hooked!

And then one day last week Olive said, “Hey can you click on Ravelry and find a “market bag.”  Sure, Olive! No problem ...  We bought yarn on Wednesday for Grrlfriend’s Market Bag and yup, casted on that project on Wednesday night!  That makes 9 casted on projects.  (Side note:  The grrlfriend bag has a really sweet backstory included with the bag pattern.)

Olive's Market Bag

My market bag so far

But why not make it an even number of projects casted on? We are suppose to be working on a project together in conjunction with Twisted Knitters group that we have called the “2 Sticks” project.  It’s an Aran sweater from an old book called “Two Sticks and a String” by Kerry Ferguson.  I have completed the collar and half of one of the saddle shoulders. 

The long piece is the collar and the pattern work is the
saddle shoulder so far
So what projects did Olive bring?  She brought a Pure and Simple’s Weekend sweater (she’s on the sleeves now), the “2 Sticks” project, and Wingspan - for which she has now finished and the reason why I have started it.  Now these are the 3 projects that I have seen; and yet, she may have even more stowed in her luggage.  She did buy yarn to make the Color Affection but that hasn’t been casted on … yet. 

Olive's Wingspan

My first triangle of Wingspan

I have to admit:  confession really is good for the soul!

The Martini Knitter

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Sandy said...

Love both the wing spans. I'm not good at updating my project page on Rav, so looking there for needles in use wouldn't help me. The card idea sounds good, but then again you have to keep it updated. lol I keep stuff in bags..the projects I mean. I look at the bags and say..oh yea that's where it is. Then see if I have 2nd one, or what I have the closest in size.