Friday, May 25, 2012

Olive's Blue Drink

When Olive comes to visit she doesn’t usually drink martinis with me – which does not bother me in the least! In fact, it became a challenge for The Shaker to come up with the “perfect Olive drink”.  The Shaker does make a wickedly smooth mojito but he usually makes these on the weekends and always when Jigger and Scotch (Olive’s sons) come for a visit. 

So here’s Olive’s Blue Drink recipe made especially by The Shaker:
  • 2 shots of Vodka
  • 1 shot of Bol’s Curacao*
  • Tonic water
  • A squeeze of a lime wedge 

Again, Olive is not a fan of tonic water - so she gets only a splash.  Please add more tonic water, if you prefer.

Also, I have to share “the find of the week!” I was looking for something completely different while doing the grocery shopping this week when I found this:  “crushed ice bags.”  Now bare in mind that I haven’t lived in the US for nearly 8 years so maybe these already exist there.  But I found them here in Basel and I have never seen these in Holland.  Totally simple and they work.  You fill the bag; stick it in the freezer; remove once frozen; whack/break it up and finally pull apart the bag.  The little ice cubes fall to the bottom of the bag.  You cut it open and voila! crushed ice. 

They are located next to the aluminum foil
and plastic wraps

Found these at the grocery store called

The Martini Knitter

*You use any Curacao blue liqueur but we are partial to Bols because it’s Dutch.

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Sandy said...

Such a pretty drink. I've never had Curacao. Must give it a try, it looks refreshing. And wouldn't it be pretty in a martini glass. I've not seen those bags, but will look around. I bought (on line) those old fashion trays that make small cubes specifically because I like my martini's nice and cold and with a few ice crystals on know some nice little slivers.

We had our martini's on the deck last night, followed by gin and vodka tonics with dinner. Was a bit warm, but nice to be outside for awhile. But, it was also nice to get back indoors with the a.c. on. First we've turned it on this year. We're expecting 90+ temps for the next couple of days.

Swing by for a visit...