Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Keep Walking

I have found that I have really enjoyed being outside since moving to Basel.  I am sure it has to do with the weather.  The sun shines more here and the temperatures have been around 15 to 20 C daily. So I have been finding any excuse possible to get out.  I have found a pretty good walking route that I can walk up to one hour, and also be able to shave it down to 45-minutes and even further down to 30 minutes.  A 30-minute walk means that I was probably sluggish the day before and I should get out and get some exercise. Without getting “too deep,” I have been walking almost everyday just to clear my mind and while listening to my music on my iPod.  I went on a walk last week with some people from the school.  A woman had one of those pedometers. She and I both walked the same distance our strides were different as she is tall and I am medium height.  But the pedometer measured that she walked 13 kilometers in 2-1/2 hours and burned 700 calories.  Well … I went out bought one of those gadgets because I wanted to know how far I walk each day.  I turned it on yesterday and I took 5600 steps, walked 4.30 kilometers - and that's just doing the normal day to day stuff.  However, I am sorry to say that I can't walk and knit at the same time as some can.  I know that Olive can – but I know myself a little too well - I would be tripping over the brick sidewalk here within a matter of a few steps.   These photos are taken while on my walks around here.

This place is 5 minutes from my home and it's wedged
between a bunch of shops and restaurants.  It has
given me ideas for what to plant in our city garden.

I love walking along the Rhine River! This is the water taxi
that takes you from one side to the other.
Gin and Vermouth took it with their German teacher
during German Boot Camp lessons—
it's 3CHF (per person)  - one way

I like walking along the Rhine River and looking across at
the Medieval city part of Basel.

From what I have been told, many people swim in
the Rhine when the weather gets warmer.
I thought that the shower  was interesting; I guess the Swiss
don't want you smelling like Rhine when you get back
on the tram. 

I pass by this fence towards the end of my walk along
the Rhine River.  It reminds me of Fasnacht
- the Carnival celebration here.

And this is by far the most interesting thing I have come
across on my walks - a cigarette vending machine
WITH an ID verification!  You can't buy your cigarettes
until you past your ID card through first. 

And lastly ... good news!  Olive arrives this Thursday; she's coming to visit because it's Vermouth's birthday this weekend.  Olive came 2 years ago for Gin's 16th birthday celebration and she made a promise to come for Vermouth’s.  Haven’t made too many plans yet but you can count on some yarn shopping – I have found 4 yarn shops so far in this city.  The latest one I found happens to be 2 doors down from a Starbucks.  I found it last Sunday while out walking with The Shaker.  And I just want to make it clear that it was his suggestion to go to Starbucks.  Can I help it if I found another yarn shop for Olive and I to check out???

The Martini Knitter

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Sandy said...

Excellent, walking for good exercise AND a yarn shop! What could be better...I keep wanting to try my hand at walking and knitting too. Have talked to a couple of blog friends who say they do it...nothing where you have to count or pay attention...just something really straight forward. I've not tried yet myself. Too bad we're not could knit and the other could play look out until we got good at it. lol