Monday, April 23, 2012

Writing It Down

So last week I worked on the socks for Vermouth (Toe-Up socks by Leah Mitchell) and finally got them done.  Now I am one of those knitters who like to have several projects going at the same time.  Most of the time when it gets to point in the pattern where I have to pay attention to detail, and no longer able to knit round and round and round.  This is usually when I have another project started and I will work on that for a while.  So I have learned the importance of keeping a notebook.  Especially when it comes to knitting socks because I put them down so often and come back to them in a week or sometimes longer.

I have seen tips where it is important to write down on the pattern how many pattern repeats you did this. I wish I had this info when I was working on Cookie A’s “Glynis” socks (from Sock Innovation).  I didn’t’ make the right amount of pattern repeats in the foot part of the second sock like I did when in the first sock.  So my toe part is off, but you can’t see it because it’s in the shoe - hiding.  But live and learn and I applied this to Vermouth’s socks – which did pay off!  I wrote down my method of my madness on how I started the toe, and then I wrote down how many pattern repeats I made in the foot and that wasn’t too hard, because I kept a sticky note with the pattern row numbers on it and when I finished a round, I crossed it off.  So I went back and counted those repeats – 9-pattern repeats in the foot.  I made other pattern notes, like in the gusset and the heal flap parts and then how many repeats I did in the leg part (4-1/2 repeats).  I am pleased with the outcome and so is Vermouth.

Not super happy with the pointy toe thing -
But Vermouth loves them

So I made a plan last week to finish them and while doing this, I watched “Mad Men.”  I have started with Season 1 and now I am on Season 2. I am cracking up at the relationship between Don Draper and his daughter, Sally, who he has taught how to make cocktails.  It looked like a Manhattan that she gave to her father and his friend Carlton but it could have been an Old Fashioned. My parents are from Scotch/Martini days of the 1960’s as well.  But I don’t think my mother taught my brother how to make martini until he was way older than Sally Draper (mid-1980’s).

The Martini Knitter

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Sandy said...

Love the color, but like you not sure I would find the pointed toes comfortable. Hubby and I love watching tv shows on CD's, no commercials watch as much as you want etc. Mad Men is on our list. We just finished watching 8 years of Jag, DD bought that as a Christmas Gift. She also got us a couple of years of The Unit, which is the series we're currently in. We watched both shows when they aired, but you forgot, plus we certainly didn't watch them all.

Back home from vacation, swing by the blog for a visit. I popped in from Sandy's Space. I can't leave the blog url as you don't have that option on your blog.