Sunday, April 1, 2012

Top 10 of Holland Favorites

A few nights ago I asked The Shaker, Gin and Vermouth what their Top 10 things that they will miss.  We came up with this list.  This list is in no specific order.  Honestly, we will all just miss it:

1. Queen’s Day – April 30th.  Nothing like seeing Dutch patriotism in all that sea of orange!

2. In Arnhem, Café Dudok has the best “appel gebak met slagroom.”  (Apple cake with whip cream).

3. Bitterballen, Kroketten, and fries with "friets sauce" (aka, mayonnaise)

4. De Bijenkorf’s “Drie Dwaze Dagen” – it’s a 3 day (crazy) sale.  Most Dutch find me crazy for liking it, but I do!  One year I took Vermouth to it and she found the whole experience overwhelming and crazy!

5. Stroopwafels – Freshly made from a street vendor -  warm and gooey! 

6. Albert Heijn – I know! How can I miss a grocery store?  It’s not the grocery store .. but I always thought if I wrote a book about my life and times in Holland I would call the book “My Affair with Albert.” 

7. ChipKnip – it’s on our Dutch bank cards.  You have a chip in-bedded on top of your debit card and it holds a small amount of money to pay for parking, or vending machines, or train tickets etc.  Super convenient.

8. Breaks in the middle of the school day – the girls will miss being able to leave school freely during the middle of the day when they have no classes scheduled. Those days are over as of today …

9. Jip and Janneke – This picture says it all …

11. … and lastly, but certainly not least ….Sinterklaas

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