Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Slight Crisis

We had a slight crisis over the weekend in our home:  I couldn’t find the “the green bottle” in the local grocery stores - Martini and Rossi’s Extra Dry Vermouth.  At a young age, the girls always knew that a martini was made with “the blue bottle” (Bombay Sapphire) and “the green bottle” (Martini and Rossi Extra Dry Vermouth).  Now, thankfully, they could never, and still don’t know the radio of vermouth to gin.  I also have an uncle who likes martinis as well.  The first time I was at a bar with him he told the waitress to just “wave” the vermouth bottle over the glass and another time, “just to introduce the 2 bottles to each to other.”  But I found it; my little green bottle was there – at the train station’s liquor store. 

Then The Shaker discovered after making the first real martini 2 things; no olives and we have a shaker problem – or lack of shaker.  Yup! We forgot to pack the martini/cocktail shaker in our temporary shipment and I forgot to buy olives. I had an olive-less martini – I don’t really recommend this, but to do this only in the direst of situations. But we did have a shot glass courtesy of my mother-in-law’s recent trip to Florida included in a package last week. I solved the problem of no olives and no shaker yesterday:

The apartment is very limited on stem ware!
We are working on that. And to our Whiskey friends,
sorry about The Shaker drinking his Glenfiddich out
of a tea cup - it's this or a water glass.
Then I noticed another thing this weekend, we have no washcloths.  A few months ago, I said how The Shaker wanted me to make him a washcloth to travel with within Europe; because most of the European hotels do not have washcloths in their rooms unlike the American hotels, which do.  Anyway, I thought why should I go and buy washcloths?  So decide I would make "Martini with 2 Olives" washcloths, surprised?  So while out doing the daily shop I bought yarn. I told The Shaker this, “What? I am learning where things are in this city.” 

This is as far as I got, I fell asleep while knitting ...
after finishing my martini
And lastly, at dinner last night, when I was telling the family about today’s blog, Gin chimed up with “That’s the green bottle, right?”  I love the fact that at 17 she still calls them “the green bottle” and “the blue bottle.”

The Martini Knitter  

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Sandy said...

I can soooooooooooo relate. We pack our martini glasses when we travel. Bubble wrap one at a time and put it in a zip lock bag. That way, if it should break (so far it's worked great), the glass should be contained and not in the suitcase. Additionally, we have plastic thermos shakers we also pack for our travels. And because I'm catching up, hitting several of your blogs posts....need to tell you to be sure and look around on Sandy's Space; as I posted one I think you'll smile about.