Sunday, April 29, 2012

Congratulations Jigger!

Olive is out in Malibu, California sipping Genever Smashes in the sunshine and celebrating her son’s, Jigger*  graduation from Pepperdine University.  She and I have been “bbm-ing” on our Blackberrys all weekend while she is out there; which I have to say isn’t too easy with her being 9-hours behind me.  Olive has 4 sons in total but we have gotten to know Jigger fairly well since leaving the US.  Jigger, like Olive, likes to travel around Europe. 

About a year after we moved, Olive and Jigger came to Europe did some traveling and then swung through to see us towards the end.   We have an old Xbox that still works and that we haven’t gotten rid of or upgraded.  One day we were talking about video games and Jigger said that we must get Halo.  This is the whole reason why we still have our old Xbox console – because of Halo.  At the time, Jigger was completing high school, Gin was in middle school and Vermouth was still in primary school.  Jigger is one of the nicest young men we know, but when it comes to Halo/video games there is a whole another side.  He taught us several video game etiquettes that the girls still use today and have passed Jigger’s video game wisdom onto their friends as well.

And then a few years ago, he was abled to study abroad and came to Heidelberg, Germany.  Which was great for us because we saw Jigger a few times that year which also meant that we saw Olive as well.   He gave us some great travel tips too.  One time he went to Porto, Portugal and brought The Shaker back a wonderful bottle of Port wine.

Jigger is just one of these really easy-going all-around good fun guys.  But that went out the window when his graduation announcement showed up … We always knew that Jigger was smart but Cum Laude smart!  Upon seeing his graduation announcement, it says his name and that he is receiving his Bachelor of Science in International Business, Cum Laude.  The Shaker and I reflected upon if we knew anyone who graduated Cum Laude.  Um … we couldn’t come with a name.  I mean there might be someone we know, but who has just not mentioned it. 

Olive, Jigger and Olive's husband who we call
The Coaster
Olive with her family, Jigger, The Coaster and Scotch
Congratulations Jigger! You Rock!

The Martini Knitter

*FYI - a "jigger" is a 1.5 shot of alcohol and Jigger above has added about 5 shot glasses to our collection - hence his name.


Nanatucket knitter said...

Very nice tribute and great pictures!!

Sandy said...

Love all the names of your fam...lots of fun. Congrats to Jigger (which we all like better cause it's bigger then a shot) on his Graduation...Cum I was feeling pretty good when DD graduated with honors with 2 majors and a minor....but she wasn't anywhere near Cum Laude. I'll toast to you and yours tonight. Swing by and join me.