Friday, April 27, 2012

The First 30 Days

Me at the Vitra Design Museum

I feel like the President of the United States with this title: The First 30 Days.  I have to say that when we first moved to Holland, we were in what we called “The Honeymoon Days;” everything is wonderful and exciting.  And then every day life settles in … but this isn’t the case for us this time.  Yes, it’s a new country and new culture but it’s Europe.  We like where we are living; Basel is a small city but with many things going on.  The city wakes early with hustle and bustle and has the feeling of accomplishment at the end of every day.  We have even been told that Brad Pitt comes every year to Art Basel Art Fair – I will keep you posted on that siting if it happens. 

The first two weeks for me were about finding places and things.  Where as for the girls it was about “German Boot Camp” as it has become officially called in our home and The Shaker starting his new job.  But the later half of this first month has been about meeting and making new friends – just plainly - finding our way.  Gin and Vermouth have not been thrilled with being stared at, checked out or called “Oh you are the new girl I heard about!”  In which there is nothing wrong with that, except we have been the “old guys” for so long. “Blending in” hasn’t been as easy as we have liked it to be, but it’s coming.  On the other side of the coin, the girls have heard girls say, “Yeah, I am no longer the “new girl!”  And they know that at the start of next year that will be them as well.

I was told by a couple of close friends from Holland, who have lived abroad most of their lives, that I must plan on doing everything that I hear about; to get out their and make friends.  I have been told that it is harder to meet people when your children are in high school than when they were in primary school - especially when it comes to moving to a new location.  For me, I really can’t answer this either way but I have taken their advice very seriously.  So … I have been to coffee morning, out walking with a group of women, and to Pub Night with The Shaker.

And then yesterday there was a morning out at the Vitra Design Museum, which is in Weil am Rhein, Germany just over the border.  It is a home design museum that still designs and manufactures modern furniture.

These are designed by Alexander Girard in 1963
They reminded me of something that my
mother would have in our home when we
were growing up 
This reminded me of our friend's
kitchen in Holland - very modern!
I thought their home collection furniture as very 1960’s retro.  Some of it was comfortable to sit on and others where not so much; but this had to do with a matter of personal taste.  And you know, every time I sat down I thought:  would I be comfortable knitting here?  And for the amount of money they were asking for, yes, I wanted it to be comfortable!

The Martini Knitter

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