Friday, April 20, 2012

Come on! Tell Me What's Inside the Bag!

I think my life is back to normal.  Today will be the first day that I will not have to go to the grocery store.  I have gone every day.  There is a grocery store around the corner from us and sometimes I take the tram into the center to do other shopping as well.  I only buy a few things that I can carry in 2 bags.  That’s it.  I try very hard to stick to the list because I haven’t ventured out with my “Oma Tas.”  
Oma Tas means "grandmother bag" in Dutch
Our Oma Tas is big.  And I have no idea why since we bought it in Holland!  Everyone has a smaller one and I think it has to do with the tram.  You can get it on and off with ease.  And ours might just cause trouble, like it might be too heavy to heave on to the tram.  But what I have noticed here is that people who do have an Oma Tas leave it by the cashier stands and go off and do their shopping.  I have been doing other shopping as well and by the time I get to the grocery store, my Oma Tas would have items that I have already purchased.  But now this makes me wonder*, about whether or not the bag has items in it.  Because I am not sure about how much stealing goes on around here. 

We have noticed bikes being parked outside with maybe a lock only securing itself and not locked to a post.  For instance, Gin saw this and uploaded it to her Facebook page saying  “You know you are not in Holland when you see a bike and it’s not chained or locked.”  This was outside our apartment building.
All of us are fascinated with the fact that you can park your bike outside, at night, choose to lock it or not, and in the morning it is still there!

Oh! Yes, I have been knitting.  Have I finished anything? … No, but I have been great at casting on and starting.  I will try and finish some things this weekend. 

The Martini Knitter

*An after thought:  I wonder if I can dare Olive to sneak a peek in an Oma Tas when she comes for a visit.  You know? Strictly research purposes only.

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Sandy said...

Nice looking bike. I rode at lot back in January when we were in Hilton Head (check out my travel blog), and there people didn't seem to need to lock their bikes. I'm in need though of getting a better lock here, so when the weather improves I can get out pedaling again. Need the exercise.