Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Channel Island Cast On

Vermouth loves her socks so much that I pulled out some more sock yarn from the stash and casted on.  But before casting on, I thought I would try something new.  I bought Knitting Fever’s “Indulgence” sock yarn last year while visiting the US.  I did a Ravelry yarn search to see what people did with this yarn; and I found that – surprise, surprise - many used this yarn to make Ann Budd’s “6-Stitches Per Inch Sock” from Getting Started Knitting Socks.  That was all the advice I needed!  I chose this pattern and I am doing 1x1 ribbing as the sock leg pattern (knit 1, purl 1).

I really like eMagazines.  They come instantly and with no VAT, no duty fees, no nothin’ simple and easy delivery!  My favorite one so far is Interweave’s Sockupied eMagazine because of the interactive features it has.  I think I bought the eMagazine for $10 (USD) and I got 6 sock patterns.  But it’s a magazine - so along with the patterns you get advice, reviews and interviews.  In the premier issue, I remembered seeing different cast on methods.  And I was right; they had 3 cast on methods, including the Channel Island cast on method.  But what is cool is that they have the written directions (you can print these) and they have a video right there in the eMag that you just click on.  But you don’t have to buy the eMagazine to see the video by Eunny Jang, it’s on YouTube as well. 

In the video, I liked Eunny Jang’s easy to follow directions.  But what I didn’t like was the slip-knot that you undo once the sock is well on its way.  You undo the knot and then weave in the ends.  I figured it was the 3 strands from the knot, plus the other one that you drop after you are done completing the cast on and you have begun your leg pattern.  I think I had 5 strands to weave in.  I don’t mind weaving in the ends, but 5!   I also tried to very hard to see what the sock looked like at the circular join of the sock.  If you watch Ms. Jang’s video, she moves that part of the sock very quickly under her hand so that you can’t see it.  Nothing wrong with that, I just wanted to see how to make it look nice at the join.  So off to the Internet I went to visit my favorite site, Google.  I found this video on how to do the Channel Island cast on.  And for me, I liked it better. 

I liked the picot edge; it looks fancy when it wasn’t that hard at to do.  I hope that you can see the edge when the sock is on.  Ok, it will be under my pant’s leg, but I will know that there is a pretty little edge on the sock.

The Martini Knitter

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