Friday, March 16, 2012

It’s done and then it’s not …

I finished the Flugan cardigan yesterday.  And my plan worked - I knitted it in one piece!  It took some planning and some concentration - but I got it to knit up with minimal seaming!  But, sadly, it’s too long.  The yarn (Sandes Garn, Alfa) I have chosen is really heavy – even though I reached my gauge.  I haven’t blocked it yet.  (Check out my notes here).

Now I can hear my friend Christina telling me that I should stick it into the closet, close the door, and think about it.  I had nightmares of it last night – I know! I should be having nightmares about moving - but no!  I am dreaming of yarn and knitting!

Olive would probably say, “Are you going to wear it?”  And that’s simple, no. 

This is it completed before frogging

I look at the yarn as an investment; and I want my return in my investment.  So I will “frog” it this weekend and cast on again.  But I know that I will wear it!  And that is all I want!

The Martini Knitter

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