Monday, March 19, 2012


I have noticed over the years that some of my friends hold their creative side almost secretively – where as mine is out there for all to see.  Quilts lie in every room in my home.  And now that I can knit, it’s on my body. 

So last Thursday, was the official “kick-off” of the bon-voyage parties for us.  It started with the book club that I am in, follow by a party on Friday night with friends that we know from the girls’ school.  Saturday night we hosted a “leaving party” for Gin and Vermouth.

I have 2 friends here that paint.  They are beautiful artists.  They made this painting to hang in our new Whiskey Room.*  The man in the middle is The Shaker, and I think, I am to the right of him wearing the pearls.  Again, I just found out in the past year that they paint! 

Then I found out literally a few months ago that a woman in my book club “throws pottery.”  I had no idea!  And this woman talks a lot in our book club gatherings.  But no mention, until recently, that she throws pottery! 

And lastly, I have an American friend here who has just recently learned how to paint in the “Hindeloopen” style.  There is a small village in the northern part of The Netherlands called Hindeloopen for which this name and style comes from.  I made a “trade” with her this past Christmas for a hand-painted Hindeloopen Christmas ornament; I made her a Christmas Star.  I say trade because she was making these only for her family.  I needed to have one of these. I apologize for no photo of the Christmas ornament; instead you will have to see the wooden clog that she just made for me instead: 

I said recently about dying yarn and how I know that I will get “completely wound up” by the distribution of color.  These women know this.  I tried pottery many years ago – ok, middle school - and I got complete frustrated with the wheel.  I have never tried it again.  So I am always impressed with people who can mix colors, do beautiful brushwork and put this all on a piece of canvas.  And people that can throw pottery, make the perfect bowl and then add color!  These gifts to us are sacred – thank you.

But last and not least, it all started almost 8 years ago with this very first leaving gift from the quilting bee that I was in – “Chicks with Pins.” This is where Olive and I met.  Olive’s block is the one with the “North Carolina Hurricanes chicken.”   

The Martini Knitter

*We call our living room “The Whiskey Room.”  This room has a fireplace, our book library, and a bar.  I am not sure how we came up with the name, The Whiskey Room but the name “living room” sounded too formal.  It is my favorite room to knit in - it is just “gezellig!"

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