Thursday, March 1, 2012


Yesterday, I was looking at my older posts because I needed to link an old post with yesterday’s blog posting.  While I was searching for what I wanted to link I noticed that I had blogged about “Another Hat” that I was doing.  Umm … I finished it and I didn’t like the outcome.  I “frogged” it.  For new and non-knitters, the expression “frogged” means to rip out; and it makes a “rib-it, rib-it” sound like a frog.  Yes, I ripped out the entire finished project.

I referenced the book, The Book of Patterns by Ann Budd.  And yes, I really do like the book. The hat turned out exactly like Ann’s directions said it would. I just wanted something more.  It was just a blue tam, knitted in the round with a nice I-cord knot on top (that’s in the book too).  I learned how to do many other stitches now, and I want my work to show that.  Then I found Weekend Hats by Cecily Glowik MacDonald and Melissa LaBarre and I fell in love with all the patterns.  The parts are simple to challenging with wonderful instructions and helpful tips.  I enjoyed making the “Trellis Hat” from this book and then I thought, “hey do I really want to wear a plain blue tam on top of my head when I just made this really nice striped hat?”
But let me say this, I didn’t feel like I wasted any time by knitting it.  I enjoyed the experience and the process of creating the hat.  I enjoy the excitement of how the project is going look when it’s finished.  So at the end of the day, here’ my rational: “why would I knit something and then not wear it?”  I had my answer:  I frogged it and put the yarn in my stash for another project. 

Tip:  If you are going to rip out a project like I did, check out this link to see how to get the crinkles out of the yarn so that you can reuse the yarn.

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