Monday, March 5, 2012

Ann Budd's Comment

For the most part, my weekend was pretty normal a little organizing in preparation for the move and having dinner with friends.  But yesterday the coolest thing that could happen to a relatively new knitter was this: I got an notification in my message box on Ravelry from Ann Budd.  How cool is that??

Not to sound like a stalker or anything (and seriously, I am not), but if Ann Budd designs a pattern, I am right out there snatching it up! One of my most used books in my knitting library is Ann Budd’s Getting Started Knitting Socks.  Let’s face it, socks look really hard to make.  But I tell anyone who says that to me, I say, “Hey get Ann Budd’s book!  She has really clear instructions and great patterns.” I think I have made almost 8 pairs of socks using her patterns.  You just figure out how many stitches to the inch in your gauge swatch, pick a pattern, follow Ann’s directions, and voilá, you have a pair of socks!  Even a child could make a pair.  Ok, that’s not fair, Gin, who is 17 years old, has made about 3 pairs using this book and has asked me for minimal help that’s how great this book is!

My husband, The Shaker, is a huge James Bond fan and when Casino Royale came out, we naturally saw it.  All four of us were interested in what type of poker James Bond was playing in the movie.  After a little googling, we learned how to play Texas Hold ‘Em.  (As a side note, Vermouth is a card shark; she may be down during the night but comes up fighting and takes us all to the cleaners.)  So back in November, he came up with this whole “black jack” theme for our 21st wedding anniversary.  I made him a pair of socks then but felt a little foolish when he came up with whole “black jack” idea on his own.  He loved his anniversary socks – again Ann Budd’s “Right Twist Cable Rib.”

So while Olive was visiting in January, I found this black and white twisted yarn at my LYS and thought “black jack socks.”  When I was knitting with the yarn it was hard to see a pattern, so I decided I would just make a ribbed pattern (Knit 3, Purl 2 pattern).  I made them in about 3 days.  I wrapped them up and gave them to The Shaker for Valentine’s Day and he loved him. 

I am an early riser and I love how the house is quiet first thing in the morning.  So I was just doing my normal morning routine - a cup of tea, the internet and Ravelry - when I saw that I had a message.  It was from Ann Budd herself saying something really simple: “nice socks, nice yarn” on my project.  But it totally made my day!  To just have an author/designer say that I did something nice is about the coolest thing to happen to me, personally, in a while. So I guess that makes me a real knitter now, right? I guess I have to step up my game then.  But for now I think I will have a martini to celebrate this really cool “momentous occasion.”  

And to Ms. Budd, if you are reading this, The Shaker himself thanks you from the bottom of his heart and he’s waiting patiently for me to start his “Cambridge Jacket.”

The Martini Knitter

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Susie Holmes said...

Nice! You recommended Ann Budd's Getting Started Knitting Socks to me and it was just as you said - clear, concise. I am on my third sock, and my daughter is very happy with them!