Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Harvest, Trellis and The Oscars

Last week, we went to Switzerland, and before leaving on any trip it can be a little crazy just trying to get out of town.  Like trying to finish a sweater so that I could wear it!  So, I worked extra hard to finish my Harvest Moon cardigan.  The pockets, I thought, were a little tricky – but they weren’t at all!  You just have to trust what Heidi Kirrmaier’s instructions say and put that to the needles and voila! You have pockets!

The other thing that I was excited about the outcome of this cardigan was that back in November I blogged about pinning a swatch it to a bulletin board and placing clothes pins on the bottom to add weight to the swatch.  By doing this, the swatch will mimic the way the garment will hang when it is completed.  It total worked and it was exactly as predicted!

I have to admit that even though I really do enjoy living in Europe there are a few things from home that I miss – baseball and The Oscars.  My favorite baseball team is the San Francisco Giants.  I love sitting in the stadium, having a hot dog and a cold beer, and watching the boys of summer play.  I did see “Moneyball” recently (starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill) which I really enjoyed.  And I didn’t mind it being about the other team across the Bay Bridge, the Oakland A’s  - which I will admit I have been to a few A’s games.

And then the Oscars … Vermouth (my 15 year old daughter) and I love to watch Oscars.  I use to watch the Oscars with my mom while growing up and I happy that at least one of my daughters likes to watch them as well.  While watching this year’s 84th Academy Awards, I finished knitting my Trellis Hat (from Weekend Hats) that I started on Christmas afternoon.  Vermouth chose the colors for my hat, so it was fitting to find us both watching the Oscars and me knitting the hat that she gave me for Christmas. 

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