Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Ruler-Line-Marker-Thingy

One of my favorite stores to shop at here is Dille & Kamille.  It’s just one of those fun-funky kind of stores. I think of it as a kitchen store but with so much more; like gardening, spices and teas, bath and toys.  So when The Shaker and I were out shopping on Saturday afternoon we made a “detour” into this store.  I know that I can loose a lot of time while looking online at Ravelry, but Dille & Kamille is one of those shops that I can just loose hours looking at everything in there. 

I bought a magnetic chart keeper a few months ago and I have been using it for my Advent Scarf*.  I needed that “larger-ruler-marker-thing” that I could use to keep track of my place while looking back and forth from my knitting to the chart. The magnets that came with it work, but they are just ok for me.  I wanted something a little bigger.  At one shop here, I found a magnifying see-through ruler but no magnetic tape strips that I could glue-gun on the ends.  I bought the ruler anyway.  Then we walked by Dille & Kamille.  They didn’t have the roll of magnetic tape, but they did have flat flower magnets.  So I bought 4 of those, and a cat ruler.  I came home, plugged in the glue-gun and voilà! an instant (larger) line for me to use on my chart keeper.  I hope this works!

*I am thinking about renaming my "Advent Scarf"  - “The Lent Scarf” as I am only on Day 7!

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