Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We Hit a Sale!

There is a shop that is approximately 10 kilometers from me.  I always forget about it and I really don’t know why.  It’s called “‘t Hobby Hoekje” meaning “hobby corner”.  What is even worst, it’s right around the corner from the girls’ school!  There are 2 floors and the upstairs is mainly all quilt fabric and notions.  A really nice selection of colors and themes, just like you would find in an US quilt shop.  And the downstairs has always been the yarn along with other craft items that are the trend.  For instance, when we first move here the craft trend was beading, so they had a really nice beading section; sadly, that is gone now.  But they have always had yarn …

And yesterday I saw for the first time, how much yarn ‘t Hobby Hoekje has!  (Remember, I have been only been knitting for about  2 years). They have a really nice large section in the back part of the ground/1st floor; as well as a nice large selection of color and different textures.

The weather has been really gray and rainy since Olive has arrived and to top it off, we had gale force winds coming from England to us.  I knew that Olive needed to block her Advent Scarf and I needed to buy blocking mats.  And I thought this shop would be a nice shop to go and see and, plainly, to just get out of the house!  I just received 2 sets of yarns for Christmas to make sweaters so buying yarn wasn’t really in my plan.  Until …

Now in my defense (to The Shaker), I did see the sign that said “pick up 4, pay for 3” (translated from Dutch to English) and I just walked by.  Olive needed just a skein of yarn to go with a scarf that she is finishing and a set of double pointed needles for another project.  I was just looking!  We were heading towards the end of the yarn section when we saw another sign that said this: 50% korting.”  And you know exactly what that means: 50% off!  But we didn’t know how great a deal it was until we bent down to see what it was:  Rowan Scottish Tweed.  Now I have seen sales here but never Rowan yarns on sale and at 50% off.

The night before Olive and I were having wine and talking and looking at knitting magazines.  I said that I really liked the sweater pattern on the back of one of the magazines advertising Classic Elite Yarns.  The pattern is called Flurry and you could download the pattern as a PDF.  So when we saw the Rowan yarn sale, Olive suggested why not make it with that?  Now we did have a few questions about the yarn and what was needed to make this sweater.  So I called Vermouth and she read out to us the requirements.  We did some math calculations and then checked to make sure that there was enough yarn and that yarn dye lots were all correct.  And I swear, it was like the yarn faeries were all in a line yesterday calling to us to buy, buy, buy this yarn!  The ‘t Hobby Hoekje had enough yarn for each of us to make this sweater!
The basket has both yarn for me and Olive
I am making blue and she is making a gray sweater

So we came home and started on our gauge swatch.  It took Olive about 3 tries to get gauge and for me … almost all night!  I discovered that I really am a loose knitter compared to Olive.  As of this moment, I am making the sweater on size US 3 needles and the Flurry pattern a size small.  Which is too funny, as I am not a small and haven’t been for many many moons!

The Martini Knitter


knits in the sand said...

Can't wait to see Olive's sweater in person and yours via technology!! Have fun. Still plugging along - up to day 10 on the 'scarf'.

Nanatucket knitter said...

Of course you know how I feel about knitting with wool! Did Olive find
some more fabric for quilts for me? JK!!!!!!
Wool with you!!