Monday, January 9, 2012

Olive in Delft

As you may know, this is not Olive’s first trip to The Netherlands.  In previous trips, she has seen many sights and attractions here.  But one of the places she has not seen is Delft. 

Seven years ago when we first arrived here, we went to Delft to visit the Royal Delft Porcelain Factory.  It’s a small factory with a self-guided tour about a 20 minute walk from the city’s center.  You get to watch how simple porcelain turns into beautiful Delft Blauw (blue).  But one of the coolest things you can do at the factory is participate in a “painting workshop.”  We took our girls here during our first trip to Delft and they painted a tile that  we still have on display in our home today.  On that day, there was an artist there to show the girls how to paint the tile like the real artists in the factory do and we were also able to talk to her about how she landed this cool job at the factory.  I remember her telling us it’s a labor-intensive process including several interviews, an extensive portfolio, and letters of recommendations.  It’s approximately 7 years from the day your start as an apprentice to the day you become an official Royal Delft porcelain artist.

Olive and The Shaker inside the factory
And then … no excursion is complete without checking first if there is a local knitting shop close by.  I checked on Ravelry to see what the local yarn shops are in Delft (look under “yarn”); and just my luck, there is one right behind all of the tourist shops in the center!  The shop’s name is Knotten Wol and it is just a few doors down from Vermeer Centrum Delft.

We went in spent about 15 to 20 minutes just looking around.  They had a little bit of everything in there.  Nothing too extensive and everything moderately priced; a little bit of sock yarn, a little bit of bulky and DK weight yarn, and the normal mohair fingering weight.  Any yarn weight you may want, they have it.  They also have a nice supply of needles and knitting notions, and some other fun accessories like stitch markers, necklaces and key chains. And, of course the added bonus of the staff speaking English. 

I only bought one thing: handbag handles because I didn’t need any more yarn (for the moment).  But I did land Olive with a cool “shopper bag” provided by Lana Grossa Yarns that says “Wool is Cool” for free!

And lastly, something for everyone … while you may want to look at yarn, but the people you are with may not, there is a whiskey shop smack dab next door to check out.  You can get your whiskey and your yarn in one go!

Whiskey on one side and Knotten Wol on the other

The Martini Knitter


Nanatucket knitter said...

Sounds like a great day for you all. Now if there was a coffee shop on the other side, that would do it for me. I'd be there from sunrise to sunset or even later.....

Knitter Di said...
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Knitter Di said...

Nanatucket -- I presume you would start at the coffee shop ;-).

So glad you guys are having a great time. I see that Olive is wearing her Seneca. Nice work Olive!