Monday, January 23, 2012

House of Bols

When we have visitors, we try to find something to do that would interest them as well as us.  One of the nicest zoos in The Netherlands is Burger’s Zoo, which is practically in our backyard.  As you guess, there are only so many times that we can go there before boredom sets in!  We had a college friend that lived a few blocks from the Anne Frank House and I remember her saying that when people come to visit, she and her husband take turns on who will take them to the Anne Frank House.  So, naturally, you can see where this is going ... 

When we first moved here, we bought a tourist book on The Netherlands, DK Eyewitness Guide to The Netherlands. This is our “go to book” when people come to visit.  But I can’t find the book!  We remember lending it to somebody (can’t remember who!) and we forgot all about it until Olive’s visit. 

Again, have I said this enough -- thank God for the Internet!  I did a google search on “top 10 things to do in Amsterdam,” and up popped the House of Bols. Bols is the Dutch Gin that is made here in Amsterdam and I didn’t know that there was a place to tour and taste Genever. 

The House of Bols is very close to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.  One of the interesting facts is that Lucas Bols, the founder of Bols, knew Rembrandt very well.  When Rembrandt couldn’t pay his liquor bill to Lucas, he gave him a painting.  You can see the painting when you do the tour.  Each room on the tour has a different theme or effect when you entire.  We especially liked the “speak easy” room because of the comfy sitting area. 

The Shaker liked the antique distillery located
in the back

The proper way to drink Genever is one of these glasses
filled all the way to top so that you have to slurp it!
The other part of the tour that I liked was the room with the “Delft Houses.”  When The Shaker is traveling for work he likes to fly with KLM. The KLM flight staff is always friendly and helpful.  One of the really cool perks of flying business class/1st class on KLM is the “last drink on the house” which is a “Delft house” partially filled with Bols Genever.  We have a friend here that has enough “houses” to wrap around an entire room.  When I go to see her, I just love looking at the Bols houses; they are so pretty.  So when The Shaker started traveling, I was excited that he was able to get a Bols’ Delft House. 

The Anne Frank House - we need this one!
Even KLM has a house!
When we went into the gift shop where you can buy all the flavors of Bols’ liqueurs, they had the “House of Bols” Delft house for sale.  They said that this is the one only you can buy from them and you can’t get it on a KLM flight. Olive was very kind to add this “house” to our collection!  Thanks Olive!

Me, The Shaker and Olive in the Mirror Bar
"The Little Mermaid" and "The Original Collins"
This is our collection with the new addition -
House of Bols

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Nanatucket knitter said...

I love your collection of houses!! Love the Anne Frank house! That's a
treasure!! You must be a great tourist guide by now!

Nanatucket knitter said...

oops! I meant to say tour guide!