Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Me and Olive
First of all I would like to wish everyone a happy and joyous 2012.  As you some of you may know, the last day of 2011 and the New Year day 2012 started off with a bang!  Olive arrived safely in Amsterdam on December 31st.  She is here for 3 weeks unless Gin and Vermouth are successful in finding her passport and confiscating it!  So for the next few weeks the blog will be full of our antics together.  Yes, we are knitting!  I will have to post what she is working on.

Let me start with that, the Advent Scarf. I am still on Day 4, while Olive finished hers!  It is beautiful. Hers is a beautiful red from MadelineTosh. And she isn’t bragging too much about it being finished. 

She says that it still needs to be blocked
Off to (hopefully) buy blocking pads today!
New Year’s in Europe is always a special night.  The night is usually spent with family and/or close friends having a nice meal and then at midnight having “oliebollen” for good luck in the coming year.  Basically, an oliebollen is deep fried piece of dough and it’s served with powered sugar.  And, of course there are fire works and champagne … 

The make-shift bar on the back of my car with oliebollen
The Shaker with Gin and Vermouth
On New Year’s 2010, Olive was visiting us along with 3 (out of 4) of her sons. One of the sons, Jigger* helped The Shaker with the fireworks.  They went out and selected a nice assortment of fireworks and then together they set them off using our umbrella stand they converted into a “launching pad.”  We begged and pleaded with Jigger to come again, but as he is a college student he needed to stay in the US.  The Shaker had no problem in getting the launching pad in working order for the fireworks; however, he did miss Jigger’s assistance!
The Launch Pad
(the gray haze is from everyone firing off fireworks)

After the fireworks were done, I had bought earlier in the week two “Happy New Year” small hot air balloons to be released this night as well.  A few years ago our next-door neighbors had one and it looked so beautiful floating off into the night sky that we just had to have one this year for us.  Well … they can be easily lit but trying not to burn the parachute is another matter.  It takes 2 to 3 people … I’m sorry, but this is starting to sound like one of those jokes: “how many people does it take to screw in a light blub …” Yes, it takes 2 to 3 people to get the balloon launched.  One of person obviously lights it and then it takes that person and 2 other’s to help open up the parachute.  Now the directions do say (in English) to open up the parachute and get some air into the balloon before igniting  -- we did that.  But then you need to help the parachute trap the hot air.  We managed to get Olive’s launched before it hit a tree! It did hit the tree and then it came down with no problem resulting to the tree (or balloon).   But as luck would have it this summer, one of Vermouth’s hockey mates moved in 2 doors down and her father is a fireman!  He supervised the whole non-event.  

But we do think we found a trick to lighting the balloon – a blow dryer.  Where the directions say, “open up and get air into the parachute,” turn on the blow dryer (at this point) to heat up the parachute.  THEN light the fuse pack and this may help get the balloon off the ground.  Ours, sadly, never got off the ground as it started to burn a hole into the parachute.  As an added precaution, we did have a watering can close by filled with water. 

*A few months ago Jigger’s real name was revealed.  He said that he was disappointed in not having a “cool” name. From now on, he will be referred to as Jigger, (Olive’s son).  This is my official statement in the matter:  “Jigger, I apologize.  It won’t happen again.”

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Nanatucket knitter said...

Good Morning from America - North Carolina to be exact! Happy New
Year to you crazy knitters!! Sound like you had a great New Year's Eve and
day. Happy knitting and continued fun. Hi Olive - missing you already!! :)