Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Day in Utrecht

I forgot to tell you a few more details about the Flurry sweater project.  One of them is that each part of the sweater is knitted flat and then seamed together at the end.  The sleeves are raglan; and for a raglan sweater it’s easy to knit in the round and connect the sleeves as you go creating a sweater with little to no seaming.  So when Olive and I found the sale on Rowan Scottish Tweed we brainstormed and thought that if we knitted this together then we would be able to work through any difficulties with each other. 

As you know we worked on hard on our gauge swatches on Tuesday night and I got my gauge swatch to this:  21 stitches equals 4 inches on size US 3 (3.25 mm) knitting needles.  I also found that I would have to hold the yarn a little tighter and the needles not so tight to reach my gauge.  So I went upstairs to my sewing room to see if I have size US 3 circular knitting needles. And I found that I needed needles for the Flurry sweater project!  I have a card listing all the sizes and lengths of my knitting needles and I do have a size US 3 16-inch needle but I needed a 24-inch length.  So twist my arm, I have to go to the yarn shop …

Olive is making her "Flurry" in gray

I am making my "Flurry" in blue
So yesterday, Olive, Vermouth and I took the train to Utrecht to go to Modilaine.  The weather was better yesterday; the gale force winds stopped, there was no rain and the sun was shining from time to time.  Vermouth came along too as she wanted to get out of the house because she has been working most of her holiday break on a project that is due in a few weeks.  Plus there is a Starbuck’s in the train station in Utrecht and … well … you get the picture.   But Gin decided not to come because she had been sick for part of this break and she needed to study for exams that start up at in a week.
Lijnstraat 22
Now you might be on to me with this rational, I had to pay for a train ticket to Utrecht and I wanted my money’s worth of that that ticket.  I went in to buy needles and walked out with the needles and yarn to make Pei by Michele Wang with very little encouragement from Olive I might add. I bought Rowan Fine Tweed in blue for this project.  Olive said that she made it in a couple of days and the stiffness of Rowan yarn would make this scarf stand up like in the picture.  But I digress …

I am sooo happy that we went out yesterday because this morning I woke up to gale force winds and rain! No joke, it sounds like a Category 2 hurricane outside as I type.  I will be happy to be staying in today and knitting with Olive. 

Olive in front of one of Jigger's favorite "haunts" here in Utrecht

The Martini Knitter

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Nanatucket knitter said...

Love your choice of color - blue is my favorite color if Olive hasn't mentioned that - and love Olive's grey. You should have great results knitting along with Olive. Have great day knitting!!