Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And We’re Off …

So Olive and I are off and knitting on our Flurry sweater.  We ran into a few set backs but nothing too complicated.

As you know we are using Rowan Scottish Tweed (DK weight) and we are using US size 3 needles because we reached gauged.  But what we didn’t consider was the “vine pattern” that travels up the sides of the sweaters; it has a series of “yarn overs.”  So, by using size 3 needles and the thickness of the yarn, you can’t see the pretty little holes we have created because the needles are too small and the yarn is too thick resulting in the pretty little holes being almost closed. I know, not pretty at all.

This took us back to the drawing board.  Olive explained that since the detail work was in the sides and not at all in the front, we wouldn’t have to worry about taking stitches out of the center.  The sides would remain the same and the center would be missing some stitches because of the new gauge.  She suggested that we make another gauge swatch using Rowan’s needle recommendation on the yarn label, which was size US 6 and see if we reach what they suggested.  She used size 6 and I used size 5, as I know that I am a loose knitter.  I was excited to start again as my hand was already cramping because I was trying to keep the tension tight on size 3 needles. So this meant that I might be able to knit in my normal style, slightly loose!

We both reached the recommended gauge that was printed on the yarn label.  So this took us back to the pattern instructions.  And with a little math we were able to find out how many stitches to cast on and begin the project again.

So here’s the math!  I am using my numbers for this example. 18 stitches equals 4 inches on my swatch and I am making the 43-1/2 bust size.  So the mathematical equation looks like this: 18/4 = X/ 43.5

So, 18 divided by 4 equals 4.5.  Take the 4.5 number and times it by 43.5, that equals 195.75; rounded up is 196.  196 equals the number of cast on stitches for size 43.5 bust on the pattern.

Just in case you are thinking about joining this knit-a-long with me and Olive (hint, hint), we are not knitting the sweater flat as suggested by the pattern.  We are knitting it in the round.  We have placed markers marks in the following places:  the start of the round, the half way point denoting front and back, and all vine patterns (start and finish).  At the start of all vine patterns, I have used the same color marker, purple, to cue me that that this is where the vine pattern begins.  This is so that I can talk to Olive and not think too much.   

The sweater is constructed from the bottom up and the first 7 rounds are garter stitch (purl the first round).  We are now well on our way into the established vine pattern; we have finished the decreased rounds (me almost) and have started the increase rounds (Olive).  We are having no troubles so far …

The Martini Knitter


Nanatucket knitter said...

It looks great and I love, love, love, the yarn and color!! :)

Knitter Di said...

Lovely pattern. It shows up nicely now. And I am so proud of you for your mathematical skills!