Thursday, December 29, 2011

What I Knitted for Christmas

Now that Christmas is few days behind us, I can tell you, finally, what I had been knitting for Christmas gifts!  I made everyone in our family, a washcloth and included a nice facemask or shower product with it.  I did a pattern search on Ravelry and used the words “dishcloth” and “washcloths” in my search.  I made about 25 washcloths in all! 

Here are a few that I made: 

And a skull and cross bone one.  I blogged back in October that I made one for The Shaker to take on business trips and that I wasn’t too pleased with the shape of the washcloth.  I worked a little more on it and made another one Vodka’s son for Christmas; I would have liked it be squarer but I was happy with the facial detail. 

This would fall under the category of “the process of knitting” for me as it may have to do with the needle size and the yarn weight.  I need to play with different weights of cotton yarn and possibly, different needle sizes.  But for now, I am 90% pleased with the outcome and I hope my nephew likes it too!

Here are the instructions:

Materials:  100% cotton yarn (the photo is using sport weight 100% cotton and size US 3 needles)
Size US 3 to 7 knitting needles (bigger needles and yarn will make the cloth bigger)
2 stitch markers – optional (I like to use stitch markers to separate the border stitches from the pattern work)

Cast on 53 stitches

Notes:  Border stitches are in parentheses () beginning and end of each row.

Rows 1 - 6:   Knit
Row 7:           (K4) K45 (K4)
Row 8:           (K4) P45 (K4)
Rows 9-12:   repeat rows 7 and 8
Row 13:         (K4) K10, P2, K21, P2, K10 (K4)
Row 14:         (K4) P9, K4, P19, K4, P9 (K4)
Row 15:         (K4) K9, P5, K17, P5, K9 (K4) 
Row 16:         (K4) P8, K6, P17, K6, P8 (K4)
Row 17:         (K4) K6, P8, K17, P8, K6 (K4)
Row 18:         (K4) P6, K9, P15, K9, P6 (K4)
Row 19:         (K4) K7, P9, K13, P9, K7 (K4)
Row 20:         (K4) P8, K10, P9, K10, P8 (K4)
Row 21:         (K4) K7, P9, K13, P9, K7 (K4)
Row 22:         (K4) P14, K4, P2, K5, P2, K4, P14(K4)
Row 23:         (K4) K16, P1, K2, P7, K2, P1, K16 (K4)
Row 24:         (K4) P12, K5, P1, K9, P1, K5, P12 (K4)
Row 25:         (K4) K10, P6, K2 (P1, K1) x4, P1, K2, P6, K10 (K4)
Row 26:         (K4) P8, K7, P2, K2, (P1, K1) x3, P1, K2, P2, K7, P8 (K4)
Row 27:         (K4) K2, P3, K2, P6, K3, P3 (K1, P1) x3, K1, P3, K3, P6, K2, P3, K2 (K4) 
Row 28:         (K4) P2, K9, P5, K13, P5, K9, P2 (K4)
Row 29:         (K4) K3, P7, K2, P21, K2, P7, K3 (K4)
Row 30:         (K4) P4, K5, P2, K9, P5, K9, P2, K5, P4 (K4)
Row 31:         (K4) K4, P4, K2, P11, K3, P11, K2, P4, K4 (K4)
Row 32:         (K4) P3, K4, P2, K13, P1, K13, P2, K4, P3 (K4)
Row 33:         (K4) K3, P4, K2, P27, K2, P4. K3 (K4)
Row 34:         (K4) P2, K5, P2, K27, P2, K5, P2 (K4)
Row 35:         (K4) K3, P3, K3, P7, K4, P5 K4, P7, K3, P3, K3 (K4)
Row 36:         (K4) P9, K7, P4, K5, P4, K7, P9 (K4)
Row 37:         (K4) K9, P8, K3, P5, K3, P8, K9 (K4)
Row 38:         (K4) P10, K8, P2, K5, P2, K8, P10 (K4)
Row 39:         (K4) K10, P9, K1, P5, K1, P9, K10 (K4)
Row 40:         (K4) P11, K23, P11 (K4)
Row 41:         (K4) K12, P21, K12 (K4)
Row 42:         (K4) P13, K19, P13 (K4)
Row 43:         (K4) K14, P17, K14 (K4)
Row 44:         (K4) P15, K15, P15 (K4)
Row 45:         (K4) K16, P13, K16 (K4)
Row 46:         (K4) P17, K11, P17 (K4)
Row 47:         (K4) K45 (K4)
Row 48:         (K4) P45 (K4)
Rows 49-52: repeat rows 47 and 48
Rows 53 - 58: Knit

Bind off all stitches

The Martini Knitter

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Nanatucket knitter said...

I am sure the recipients loved their Christmas gifts. Have you read
the advice column from Yarn Harlot about non-knitters receiving
knitted gifts? I think we should print it out and show our family
members! I love the baby cloths in one of your suggested sites.
Happy New Year!!