Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sinterklaas Nite

So for the past month I have been knitting socks during the daylight hours while everyone is at school or work.  I need a break!

Last night was Sinterklaas Night.  I had selected Gin’s name from the hat 3 weeks ago.  In true Sinterklaas fashion, I went into Gin’s room and stole the yarn from her.  Yup.  You read that right.  I committed a crime but with good intensions (don’t all criminals say that?).  I bought gray sock yarn for Gin’s birthday (Regia).  She has made a few pairs of socks using self-striping yarn; and so I thought it would nice to by a solid color so that she could make a textured pair.  As you may remember, she likes the color gray.  As I said, I went into her room and took the yarn back.  She didn’t even notice that it was missing; which is so unlike her!

As you may know, I have made socks from the cuff down, but I wanted to try my hands at socks from the toe up.  I have Wendy D. Johnson’s book, Socks from the Toe Up, and I made a traditional Gansey pattern to give a try.  I found her directions easy to understand.  The only thing I had trouble with was that my right hand kept cramping up from use with the US 0/2 mm-circular knitting needle.  I found that I could only knit for about an hour before the pain was no longer bearable.  I was using 2 sets of circular needles, like the book calls for, but the needle part was only about 3 inches long; hence the reason for the cramping.  I love knitting with double pointed needles (DPN’s).  So, I gave up on the 2 circular needles and put the socks on DPN’s. HUGE improvement!  I could knit for hours and boy did I need the hours!

I finished, of course, at 5 minutes to the 11th hour!  While making the “surprise” gift part, I washed, blocked and hung the socks over the radiator in my sewing room to dry. 

Our family has a new television obsession: AMC’s The Walking Dead.  The running joke of the family has been The Shaker’s need for a pet zombie to take to work and who will do his bidding.  And with all fairness to the trend of zombies, 4 Christmas’ ago, The Shaker bought a game for the family called Zombies!!! Basically, you have to get to the helicopter to save yourself in order to win the game.

So here’s how the night went: 

The Shaker picked Vermouth’s name out of the hat.  Vermouth had to reach into the zombie’s guts to get her gift.  She, in true Dutch culture fashion, tolerates the TV show.  

Vermouth picked me out of the hat. She made a yarn ball.  She bought a Styrofoam ball and wrapped orange yarn around it.  She came in and stole it from my room and I didn’t even notice it missing.  (No, it was never slated for a project).

Gin picked The Shaker’s name out of the hat. She bought a pet robot tiger from the local toyshop and added paint to make it look like a zombie.  Which did bring the discussion, why are there no animal zombies?  Answer: the virus only attacks humans and the virus kills the animals.

And as you, now, know I got Gin’s name. I hid an alarm clock inside of the container and it went off during the opening of the gifts.  She has 3 alarm clocks and still cannot manage to get up on time for school! The “zombie clock” is to look this pet zombie game. 

The alarm clock

Gin with the socks on!

The Martini Knitter

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Jeannie said...

That was so much fun face talking to you and seeing your girls!!! I
loved it. We need to do this more often now that you are a member
of our group!! :)