Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Patience and Christmas

‘Tis the season for “Oh! I LOVE that, I can knit that … by Christmas …”

So I have a slight confession, which started with Olive saying that she “sometimes to rarely” does this action: throw your knitting across the room.  I know, I know … it is not very grown up.  The frustration of reading directions and trying to produce what someone has written can be – at times – over whelming at best!  But, well, I might be one of these women ...  And why is it at that very moment your husband, or in my case, The Shaker, walks into the room and witnesses this action?  I swear why do they have special “spidy sense” of: “Oh, let me go and see what my wife is doing?” And BOOM there it is!  The knitting (or quilting block) is sailing across the room followed by sounds from me that I have only made while giving birth!

But I have a fear; see, when I am quilting and the squares go sailing across the sewing room, who cares!?!  It is fabric and it can’t break.  But with knitting, I have a greater fear – dropping a stitch or possibly worst, breaking a needle.  Which then brings my mother saying: “if you are frustrated you need to walk away from this and do something simpler for awhile” (and by the way, this phrase has always driven me nuts!)

But I am proud to say, that this is why I like living here in The Netherlands.  You must have or acquire “patience” while living here.  Here is a side note:  things here move slightly slower than they do in the United States.

Here are some examples: 
  • It takes 3 weeks to get your land-line phone turned on
  • The Internet can be just as long
  • Most businesses (excluding food) do not open until 1:30 on Monday morning. 
  • Nothing is open on Sunday – except for once a month called “koopzondag” or Shopping Sunday.
  • When the grocery store is out of light brown sugar.  They are out (and so is everyone else!
  • But, and this part is the craziest, your cable/ditigal TV can be “hooked up” in under 1 week!
This applies to everyone living here, no exceptions (and trust me, I tried). Therefore, you must acquire “patience.”  No “ifs” “ands” or “buts.”  At first, yes, it was frustrating but once you here the same thing over and over again.  You just realized that is way it is and, slowly, patience creeps in. But back to knitting, where I do expect things to move more quickly and with minimal frustration.

So in between working on the Advent Calendar Scarf, where the comments on this project Ravelry have been life saving! I have added another project to work on:  The Misty Swirl Neckwarmer.  I love the pattern but I wanted to make it a little longer since I have 2 skeins of Plymouth Encore ColorSpun (worsted weight). I like the way these soft pastel colors swirl together.  It’s has a texture pattern and it’s repetitive.  It is a nice break. 

Oh, and, not to add any more pressure … but I need to have the cowl done by Christmas morning for Vermouth to open.  She is keeping tabs on the knitting between her and Gin.  Gin got the socks for Sinterklaas, Vermouth will get a cowl for Christmas. 

I have casted on 200 stitches and I am making it
more of an infinity cowl

So if you hear the sounds of knitting needles zinging by, you can bet that I am heading straight to the liquor cabinet to whip up a shaken, never stirred, gin martini.  Because, after all, I am The Martini Knitter ...

I have completed Day 3 and have started Day 4

The Martini Knitter

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knits in the sand said...

your scarf is looking great. I need to work on mine now that other prjects are done.