Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Liquor Kit with a Star!

So I wasn’t sure if some of you were struggling with any last minute holiday gift ideas.  But everyone likes a good idea even if it is not used this year.  I came up with a few last minute gifts on my own that I am happy to share. 

In past years, I have taken the scrapes of my Warm and Natural batting and made small snowmen with handmade Fimo clay buttons.  Everyone loves them.  But, now, everyone I know has one!  So I needed a new idea. 

A few years ago in the BBC’s Good Food Magazine they had an idea for a mulled wine kit.  The kit that they suggested was just ok.  But the Gluhwein that we really like to give is by Mary Cadogan called “Mulled Wine Cocktail” and it is from the Good Food Magazine as well. 

And this past weekend while The Shaker and I were out Christmas shopping, we stopped into our favorite liquor store here and found these I saw these small bottles of Moet Champagne.  And I thought how cute would this be to give a bottle of champagne and a handmade ornament!  So I did a pattern search on Ravelry and up popped this cute little knitted star by Cecile Renaud.  The first star I made it took about 3 hours.  You cast on 5 stitches and then you knit in the round while making your increase stitches. Row 1 is the hardest and then after that it becomes easier.  She says that you can make them in about an hour; but I am at about 1-3/4 hours per star now. And true to myself, I have made 3 of these and not one for my own tree! 

And lastly, but not least, I did make a mojito kit for our hair stylist. 

All ingredients are there;
the mint is hiding behind the powdered sugar

I hope this helps you in last minute gift ideas.  

Happy Holidays!
The Martini Knitter


Knitter Di said...

Love the mojito kit! I may try the star -- for next year.

Jeannie said...

Good ideas and will keep a couple in mind for
next year! Love the snowman. :)

Nanatucket knitter said...

I forgot to mention your mojito kit! Great idea.

QuotingCarol said...

Oh no.... No more tiny little projects for me! The stars will have to be someone else's project. They are pretty cute!

Cosmo said...

My snowpeople are snug on the tree in the quilt palace! They will get their starry night next year.