Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I would like to use my lifeline ...

I finished Day 2 of the Advent Calendar Scarf and I have to say that I really like this pattern.  I knew that I would love the changing knitting patterns and that each Day would feel like a new project starting.  And the best part it’s only over about 24 rows each day. 

I enjoyed Day 2 and I wouldn’t mind making a whole scarf in this pattern.  Its pattern repeat is over 12 rows with the cables running in the middle.  There was an error for this Day and it did put me off a bit.  But once I read the errata, slowly, and realized that she was saying that the error was in the “written directions” and that the “chart directions” were correct, then I was off and knitting.  I do like knitting both ways: charts and written directions.  But I am still new to the whole chart thing so I do like reading both of them first before beginning my knitting for that Day of the project.

Sometimes I am put off by pattern repeats.  Only because what if I dropped a stitch? Or my eyes wandered to another place in the knitting pattern/instructions and I began knitting there.  Anything can happen.  Olive taught Gin once the “lifeline” in knitting and then Gin taught me.  I saw a comment and a picture of someone’s Advent Calendar Scarf using a ‘lifeline” on Ravelry. And I thought it is definitely time for me to do the same! So at the start of each day in the instructions for the Advent Calendar Scarf, I weave a piece of scrape yarn on my knitting needles to protect those live stitches.  Then I keep just keep knitting.  And then if I make a mistake I can pull out my knitting needles, pull the working yarn and pull out all the stitches that I just worked. All the way down to the lifeline where the lifeline will not let the stitches come undone any further.  It sounds so pleasant, right?  I am certain that I would be using some choice words here as I rip out!

One lady on Ravelry who is doing this project as well, said that she is not using a lifeline or stitch markers.  I think she is truly brave!  I just don’t have the confidence not to use both.  Plus I love my using my pretty stitch markers! It’s like an accessory.

And lastly, I happy to say that Olive and her knitting group came up with a name.  I think that this group has been knitting together for several years – I think over 5 years?  They will now be referred to as:  Twisted Knitters.  Thanks for coming with a name all on your own you guys! 

The Martini Knitter

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lbccpa said...

Great post; I had to use my first lifeline the other day and boy was I glad I had it. I am putting in on row 8 of spacer but at times wish I had used in middle of pattern for the day....