Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two Girls Named "Gin" and "Vermouth"

About a week ago, Gin had noticed how much she was mentioned compared to Vermouth since I started blogging.  Vermouth knew that she was written about but that was about it.  I guess Gin is keeping tabs.  Then it was discussed about whom I love more.  For the record, I love both of my girls; equally.  It’s not about how much gin I like in my martini compared to vermouth.  Which Gin overheard me once saying, that I like 2 shots of Bombay Sapphire and ½ a shot of Martini and Rossi Extra Dry Vermouth in my martini.  You can see where this is going ...

So I will say this to you this morning ... Gin is far easier to knit for compared to Vermouth. And they both can’t deny this fact.  I really do enjoy knitting for others.  With this ruling: if I knit for you, you must use it/wear it!  That is all I ask.  You don’t have to wear the item everyday or if it’s a handbag, use it everyday.  Just wear/use the item!

Vermouth appreciates everything that is made for her.  She understands all the work that goes into making a quilt and into a sweater.  Even if it is torn out and made again, she gets it!  But she is also one of those people who do not want to hurt your feelings.  So I am constantly living on the edge about whether or not if I knit something for Vermouth, is she going to wear it? 

I just find knitting for teenage girls to be … sometimes … difficult.  I know that I was the same way.  If my mother was alive, she would write a comment below like this:  “Do you remember those beautiful, deep purple corduroy pants that I made for you and just had to have them? How many times did you wear them?” Again, you see where this is heading …

I am a firm believer in this philosophy: “what comes around, goes around.”  So here's the pay back for those (yes, they were expensive) pants:  during this past summer, I made the Panbe Dress from Knitscene (Winter/Spring 2010) by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  Vermouth may tell you that you she wore the dress 3 times, but, really it was twice.  Not that I am counting or anything ... Anyway, I spent 3 weeks knitting the dress and my hands did start to hurt because I had to keep the tension just right. But Vermouth swears that she is going to wear it (again) in the spring; only time will tell ...

Vermouth modeling the completed dress

I Used Classic Elite Yarn's (100% organic cotton)
"Sprout" as suggest.  It knitted and blocked

But like I said earlier, Gin is far easier to knit for.  Here’s the “bottom line” on Gin: if you ask her this one simple question, “If I knit this for you, will you wear it?”  She will give you an honest answer.

I made this beautiful skirt from Interweave Knits magazine (Winter, 2010) called Isobel Skirt by Cia Abbott Bullemer for Gin.  Now I knew when I was knitting the skirt, it would be only worn a few times a year.  Gin participates in Model United Nations events.  She enjoys it and looks forward to meeting people from different international and local schools.  She may not like the clothing requirements: must wear appropriate business attire.  But the Isobel skirt is perfect!  It’s black and it very feminine has the nicest drape and movement. 

Knitted with Mano del Uruguay Silk Blend
Now in all fairness to Vermouth, I did make these beautiful fingerless gloves last year with a cable running up the top of the glove (Rib and Cable Mitts by Marji LaFreniere - Interweave Knits Spring 2006).  Can I just say this: cables - dead easy!  And I am happy to say that Vermouth does wear them and that she gets many compliments from her friends. 
Left glove

Right glove
So here’s the question of the day:  “Will I stop knitting for Vermouth just because she really hasn’t worn the Panbe dress?”  Nope.  I am knitting her a pair of socks that she approved of – but they might take awhile. 

The Martini Knitter

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Jeannie said...

You are absolutely addicted to knitting!!! I only knit for those who
I know appreciate the work involved and who love my knitted
items. I need to find the email with the picture I took of my
son Brian when I was in Ct. 2 weeks ago when we got that snow
storm. I knit him one of Jared's sweaters 4 years ago and he loves
it and it still looks great. Now let me see if I can find the pic......

Wool with you!