Monday, November 14, 2011


I love Ravelry!  I am a knitter who doesn’t really have a knitting community around me and at times it can be slightly challenging.  This is why Raverly and the Internet are so important to me.  I never buy yarn without first checking to see what other members of Ravelry say about that yarn.  This information has become invaluable to me.

So as you know I am almost done with my Christmas knitting.  I bought some Ironstone (color changes) yarn that was on sale at WEBS.  But before deciding whether or not to buy, I read the comments section under “yarn” on Raverly.  It seemed like a good buy so then I continued on to “project ideas.” I looked at projects that people had made using this yarn and found this pattern:  A Hat Fit For a Boyfriend” by Stephanie Nicole.  I purchased 4 skeins but only 1 is needed for the hat. 

The other thing that has helped me with my Christmas knitting is a “stitch dictionary.”  I was given this suggestion through a Knit Picks podcast as they were reviewing stitch dictionaries and in particular Harmony Guides: Knit and Purl edited by Erika Knight.  They also suggested making scarves with stitch dictionaries.  Just cast on the number of stitches you desire for the width of the scarf and then follow the pattern’s instructions. 

I made the pattern “Loop Pattern” on pg. 31.  Again I am using the remaining 3 skeins from the Ironstone yarn. 
Loop Pattern
Ok, I know, you are waiting to here the oopsie part, right?  Here it goes:  about a year ago I made a hat for my dad and he was not too kind in saying it that it was huge and didn’t fit.  So I took this as a challenge:  I am going to knit him a hat that will fit!  But before deciding it was worth to send – come on, I had to make double sure.  I had the whole family try it on!  I wanted to make sure that with 4 different heads in this family, it would fit before sending.

The Martini Knitter


Jeannie said...

Way to go, Sarah!!! I will use your expression "you rock!"

pesima said...

Nice hat and scarf, Sara! I like the colours and the patterns. :))
I found this English/Dutch website. Something for you?
Groetjes, Sita

Olive said...

I especially love the model! Quite a good looking guy!
Love Olive