Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Random Fall Thoughts

We have had a very green fall here.  But in the last week an explosion of color has happened.  Today is a fantastic, sunny fall day with the highs around 16 C for my side of the country.  While I was out doing the grocery shopping, I took pictures.

Part of the back garden
The neighbor's hedge

I love this tree but it doesn't have much color in the fall
Albert Heijn!
This is by the fitness club that Gin drags me to workout at

Also, today I was reading Peeriemoot’s blog, Sticking to the Shallows and she posted this tidbit of helpful information in her “Reasons to be Cheerful” (October 27, 2011) blog post. It’s a cast on using a crochet hook.  I wish I read this yesterday when I was doing a cable cast on with Ironstone’s changing colors yarn.  I kept sticking the needles, accidently, between the fibers of the yarn. Now that the casting on is complete, the knitting is moving along fine.   I thought about using a crochet hook … but I persisted with my knitting needles.   

The Martini Knitter

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