Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am working very hard on the socks for The Shaker.  At this point it would be nice to give 1 sock tomorrow!  So here’s my progress:  at the start of today, I had to do 5 more rounds before the “heel stitches.”

And along the lines of “progress,” I thought I would share something with you from our book club meeting from last week; as well as a little Dutch culture.  As you may have remembered I mentioned a few blogs back that the book club selection was The Assault by Harry Mulisch. 

On page 153 of the Kindle edition, it is written:  “A few times the four of them had gone on vacation together with all three children.

It can be considered typical Dutch when a Dutch couple splits up and re-marries that these 4 people go on vacation all together with their children.  In 2007, Unicef said that Dutch children are the happiest children on the planet.  It might have something to do with this and it gives new meaning to Modern Family.

Now the 4 the Dutch ladies that are in this book club are all in their first marriage (they wanted this mentioned!). They don’t know anyone that does this “vacation” practice. 

The Americans were the ones that had the hardest time getting their heads wrapped around this concept.  But I did say, I didn’t know any Dutch couples that were split up and did the vacation thing together.  However, I do know a couple here where they both come to the hockey games to support their daughter and are really nice to each other. In fact, when this guy turned 50 his ex-wife was invited to the party.  

For me, no way!  But I guess that’s the Dutch for you; pretty progressive.

And here’s the progress on the sock: I did the “heel stitches” (34 rows); the turn the heel part, and the gusset.  I needed a break and decided to fill y’all in on the progress.  I may just make it … wish me luck!

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