Monday, November 21, 2011

Not My Shoppers!

I drive a green BMW.  Ok, before you think that I am really fancy … a lot of people here drive BMW’s.  However, in my neck of woods, they are usually newer models.  My car is the same age as Vermouth - 15 years old. Now the girls wished I had I newer car to drive them to school in (i.e., the mini-cooper).  But I say no way; it’s paid for!  I mainly use the car to shuttle them to school, hockey and the grocery store.  It’s a great car but it does have it “problem” areas.  For instance, the radio can only play the “pre-program” settings.  By pushing these buttons it is all up to the car what music station it will be programmed to.  The BMW for some reason is partial to Sky Radio and not really my taste nor Gin’s and Vermouth’s.  To get it to go to Q Music or Radio 538 does take some effort.

Yup! That phone is built into the car!
I am sorry to say, it no longer works.

But the best particular feature is that when the car alarm is set, my BMW has a habit of randomly going off.  I would love to tell you that it is during the daylight hours.  But, nope, it’s always in the middle of the night.  So we get up, turn it off, and then proceed to look around; which, of course, there is no one there.  And, then, about 20 to 25 minutes later – right when we are falling asleep again – it goes off, again!  So we have finally given up on locking it.  There is nothing of value in the car; therefore, there is nothing to steal … except for my shoppers!

Next to my knitting stash, I have another stash – my shopping bags.  Now for my fellow Americans, you have to bring your own bags to the grocery store and then you get the added bonus of bagging your own groceries.  Which now, I actually don’t mind because the bread is never squashed and the tomatoes never burst.  Ok, now I probably have an average of 15 shoppers in the trunk of my car.  Plus, I am always on the lookout for new fun looking ones.  This always brings on the eye-roll from the members of my family when I find a new shopper to buy or receive for free.  Except for now …

So last Wednesday, I went out to warm up the car and scrape the windows and found that all the contents of the glove box is shatter all over the front seat of my car.  I looked around and there was no damage and nothing was stolen – including that mobile phone!

So I call my husband at work, he left early that morning to have a “breakfast” meeting with a colleague who is over here from New Jersey.  He is not my husband’s boss but he is definitely above him in the organization.  So when I called he was in his car on his way from the meeting to the office.  Since he was in the car, I knew that I was on speakerphone and I am just rambling on about the ransacking the car had and then I finally scream out, “and they took my Trader Joe’s bags!”  Which brought laughter from my husband and his colleague ... oops!  I try to keep my hysterics to my private life, so then I said, “You are not alone?”  Thankfully, I have met this man and even had him over for dinner.  But still …

So get this … I have to fill out a police report stating that my car has been broken into – even though it was unlocked - and that they stole my shoppers (the value being around €10.00).  And then I have to provide detail descriptions of all my shoppers; because – get this - they might be used in another crime! Sure go ahead Mr. Criminal! Please feel free to use my shoppers to help you in another crime spree! And all I am trying to do this week is to finish just one sock for my husband. 

But guess what? I have good news! I found my Trader Joe’s bags! They were not stolen; they were hidden next to Vermouth’s hockey kit!  But the other bags from Target, Harris Teeter, Fresh Market, Oil and Vinegar, etc. are all, sadly, missing …  But please don’t fret, I have replaced one bag all ready – a Blonde Amsterdam one:

And The Shaker did enjoy opening his one lonely sock on Thursday.  I want to be pass “the gusset” part by end of today …

The Martini Knitter

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