Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Time!!!

I have to ask where has the time gone??  This Thursday, I will be celebrating 21 years of marriage to The Shaker.  We thought that this year we would share small gifts with each other.  So, I thought, “Hey, I have some yarn upstairs that I bought about a year ago to make The Shaker a pair of socks.”  I’ll make him these because I haven’t really made anything really truly involved in a while. (The Turn A Square hat that I made was something that needed to be done but could be done in while watching TV at the end of the day).

So I decided on making him the “Right-Twist Cable Rib Socks” from Ann Budd’s book Getting Started Knitting Socks; because they look “manly.”  I did do a Raverly search last week about “socks for men” and these socks popped up.  I got lucky, as I already own this book.  Woo hoo for me!

So I started last week, thinking, a week should be enough time.  This is how far I am …

And yup … that is the only the first one.  Look how far I am!  I am so screwed!

So I thought what I have I been doing? Well, I spent the weekend doing mundane things around the house that had to be done.  I take minutes for my daughter’s parent committee council and I had to just finish those – they are kind of important.  So this was my thinking: get all of this stuff done and then come Monday, knit!

So I was all caught up on Sunday night and then Monday came and before I knew it was 3:00 in the afternoon when I was ready to sit down and finally get to these socks!  I even blew off my friend who wanted to go walking on Wednesday because I simply don’t have the time.  And oh by the way – she reads this blog and gives me wonderful encouragement!  Yeah … I know, I know... So I start to sit down and knit and then the phone rang …

Wish me luck!

The Martini Knitter

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