Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Knitter's Curse

I just got the best news and I am so excited! Olive is coming!  She arrives on New Year’s Eve and will stay with us for 3 weeks!  Olive and I both have Blackberry phones and we “bbm” each other daily (no additional texting costs).  We had been talking over the phone over the past week and I have been trying to convince her to come for New Year’s.  The harassment has finally paid off!  

Olive and I talk about all sorts of subjects but the conversation almost always swings around to knitting.  So I said, so what are you working on now and she told me she is making something for one of her sons’ girlfriends.  And then she said she was a little worried about “The Knitter’s Curse.”  I have never heard of “The Knitter’s Curse” and this is what she told me:  when you knit something for your boyfriend before you are married.

After hanging up with Olive, I had to know if this is really a subject that you can Google.  Yes it is!  I typed into Google’s search engine “The Knitter’s Curse” and up popped many topics relating to this.  Mainly, it is called “The Sweater Curse” but the word “sweater” can be any knitted item. 

Now, you are right in saying that Jigger, the son with the girlfriend, is not the one that is knitting.  However, Olive did make the Panbe Dress for another one of her sons’ girlfriends.  And … umm … they are no longer together.  Olive explained all of this to Jigger and he said he doesn’t believe in curses and to keep knitting.

So this past weekend, Gin went out with a nice young man.  So when Olive and I were discussing “The Knitter’s Curse” we talked about this: does the size of the gift matter?  I mean, at the moment, this friend of Gin’s seems to be very nice and respectable.  But what if it turns bad and The Shaker and I want him out of her life?  Can I just give him a knitted gauge swatch?  Think about it!  When making a gauge swatch you knit with patience making sure all the time that the stitches and the tension are correct.  And in all honesty, it can even be considered a washcloth.  So, technically, it can be a gift, right???

So I gotta know, is there really such a thing as a “Knitter’s Curse?”

The Martini Knitter


Anonymous said...

Dear Martini Knitter,
Just had to share with you our video about The Knitter's Curse. It's about a girl who knits gifts for her boyfriends - with disastrous consequences.

Hope you enjoy :o)


The Martini Knitter said...
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The Martini Knitter said...

Dear Hilary,

Just watched you link! Loved it!! Will so remember this and thanks for sharing.

The Martini Knitter