Thursday, October 6, 2011

The All-American Hoodie

So on Tuesday, you heard about “my moan” of the 3 times a sweater.  The martini’s I consumed during that sweater … That sweater should have put the ka-boosh on ever making a sweater again! But it didn’t.  I just learned that I didn’t want to use “superwash” wool again.  Remember, I am all about the process of knitting.

So I have tried my hand at another sweater, the All American Hoodie in the book called “Knitting Green” by Ann Budd.  The pattern is by Veronik Avery and calls for 2 strands of St-Denis Nordique knitted together to make the sweater.  I used a single strand of Araucania Azapa (03% alpaca, 45% merino, 15% silk and 10% Donegal).  I had no problem with the pattern.  But the way that knitting patterns are written can be a bit confusing.  So I have found that “translating” into the way that read and process information to be very helpful. 

For instance, on page 52:  “DEC RND: *Ssk, knit 2 sts before m, k2tog, slip marker (sl m) ; rep from * once more -4 sts dec’d; 2 sts each from front and back.” So I used a “sticky note” – which by the way is, my favorite knitting tool – and simply wrote:

at the start of the round, you ssk,
then knit on to 2 sts before the m (marker), k2tog
slip marker, then ssk
and right before the start of the round, 2 sts before the m k2tog
(4 sts dec)

I did hit one snag at the very end and, of course, after blocking!  The sleeves were a little longer than I like, by about 2 inches.  The sleeves are knitted in the round and you start casting on at the cuff and bind off at the top of the sleeve.  Which made it a problem because I just couldn’t unravel it.  The bind off edge was at the top of the sleeve.  Also, it was the first time I seamed a sleeve and if you can believe this … that went well and attached beautifully! But there was no way I was going to “unattach” the sleeve and re-knit it. 

So, I didn’t panic – ok not too badly…. I went to the internet and did a search.  I did try YouTube first hoping for a visual aid. But no luck.   It took a little longer “googling” it but finally found my answer here from the TECHknitter out of Wisconsin, USA:

This lady is wonderful!  Her explanations and instructions are brilliant!

But I just couldn’t cut the sweater!  I heard people on Kelley Petkun’s podcast say “just cut it.”  But I just couldn’t.  So I spent about an hour with some scrap yarn, casted on some stitches and knitted in the round for about 3 inches.  Then I bound off the stitches and then I made my cut …. And it worked!  Just like this lady in Wisconsin said it would!  So I went to back to my All American Hoodie and made my cut!  The sleeves are now the right length. 

The Martini Knitter


Deirdre said...

Cool, Martini Knitter! I'm learning from the process and I can only knit scarves. Nice blog, BTW!

SwimmerGirl said...

Wow - very nice. I found a hoodie pattern I might try ... I'll let you know.