Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Never Ending Scarf

I am sorry that I have been silent on the blog!  I have been Christmas knitting!  I am under a postal deadline.  I have to have my Christmas knitting completed by the first week in November in order for the gifts to arrive on time in the US.  The mail here is normal.  But, at Christmas time, like all places, the post offices get busy!  So, early is better in my book .

So when my Christmas knitting for my family becomes mundane, I resort to, what I call, “the never ending scarf.”  Check out this site:  I love this site!  I want to make everything I see. 

So after becoming an official knitter, I thought I would make a simple pattern with repeating stitches.  It’s called “Pleated Scarf.” It has a simple knit pattern and the knit pattern actually creates these “pleats” in the fabric.  It’s made with their fingering/lace weight merino yarn.  It’s soft and beautiful to knit with.  It comes with 3 skeins of yarn!  When I started it, I thought the pattern says that it will be on average 58 inches long.  And I thought, 58 inches, I can do that.  That was a year ago! And I am still working on it.  So, actually, it is perfect during all my family Christmas knitting. Work on all the Christmas knitting, take a break and work on the scarf. 

I have about 12 more inches to knit!

This the last ball and it doesn't look like it could have 12 more inches of knitting.

And this is how thin the yarn is.  That it the US 3 knitting needle too.  

But of course, when I bought the kit, I thought, “Oh, if I am buying this, I should buy something else” … to basically … “justify” the international shipping charges.  So I bought this one too:  Rib Lace Scarf KnitKit” (I bought blue).  This is not going to happen.  The other thing I like about Morehouse Farm is that you can buy and download immediately PDF patterns.  It is a great feature.  No shipping charges either.  Which I LOVE!

What I am going to do with that yarn, you ask? Well … I bought and downloaded this pattern: “Coral Reef.”  I am going to knit it up on US 4 needles and hope that this doesn’t take as long.  Remember, I only 2 skeins of the lace/fingering weight yarn!

The Martini Knitter

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