Thursday, October 13, 2011

my NEW profile pic

I changed my profile photo.  The Shaker was given to us by my friend, Olive, who taught me how to knit. The bottles are the liquor of choice for my martini.  I am sorry, I am just basic martini drinker.  Give me gin and vermouth and I am happy.  I am just not into the fancy sm-ancy.  The martini glass is my favorite one.  I have over 15 different martini glasses.

But my favorite part is the knitting needle holding 2 orange yarn olives.  Orange is huge in the Netherlands.  Holland's royal family comes from William of Orange from France.  So, whenever you watch a football (soccer) match and the Dutch are playing ... they are usually in orange!  Hence the reason why I have orange olives! Plus I just love Queen Beatrix's hair .... the volume!

Off too book club ...

The Martini Knitter

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