Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Field Hockey: a skirt, a ball and a bite guard

Hockey is a HUGE sport here.  I have been known to tell friends that the Dutch are born with a hockey stick in hand!

Here is one of the things that I like about living here: We went last night to watch the 2012 Dutch Woman’s Olympic Hockey play Belgium’s woman’s team.  And it was for free!  No tickets were sold.  Completely opened to the public! 

Which brings me to the photo at the top.  Willemijn Bos is the niece of a very good friend here.  She has been selected to play on the 2012 Dutch Woman’s Olympic Hockey team.  And her team plays and trains at the next hockey club over from Vermouth’s hockey club. 

We stood by the Belguim’s goal during the first half with Willemijn’s aunt, uncle and cousins.  We cheered her and teammates on to victory.  The Dutch won 3 to 0.  It was an exciting game to watch. The ball travels at lightening speed on the field!

Willemijn Bos is an amazing player to watch.  The way that she fields the ball and the way she help defend her goal was inspirational to watch!  She even waved to aunt and uncle at the start of the 2nd period!

Which brings me to why we love (field) hockey so much! Vermouth plays every weekend for her hockey club in our village.  Her position is keeper/goalie. I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but we moved to North Carolina in the late 90’s before moving here to the Netherlands.  Vermouth has always been a Carolina Hurricane fan, so naturally, we bought her the Carolina Hurricane’s jersey and she wears it every weekend.  Side note:  Vermouth learned the sport in Dutch.  In the beginning it was hard for her to translate the sport into English because she was learning new words that she had never heard before.  But now she can. 

Ok, back to Willemijn Bos, she knew that we were coming last night.  And she told us to bring the magazine for her to autograph. So, I wasn’t really acting like stalker/paparazzi person. It was really cool meeting her.  She is just nice person who just happens to play on the Woman’s Olympic Hockey team! 

This "Vermouth" and Willemijn Bos - hockey mates for life!

The good news about the Dutch Woman’s hockey team is that they have a very good chance at the Gold this year in London.  So, as they say in Dutch, Hup! Holland! Hup!

The Martini Knitter

Post drink: If you live in the Netherlands, and you want the magazine click this link you can save "€2 korting" by scrolling down to where it says “Bruna” and under that “Download heir de bon and print deze.”

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Deirdre said...

Great post, Martini! And cheers to Vermouth - you got a fan pic!!