Friday, October 28, 2011

Another hat ...

After finishing The Shaker’s hat, I wanted to make myself one too.  I am making myself a “tam” from the book called The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd. I am using Morehouse Farm’s Merino two-ply (sport weight) wool in cornflower blue.  I needed a project that I could just knit round and round.

Ok, so you know that I enjoy listening to Kelly Petkun’s podcast from KnitPicks.  But another tip that I have learned from her is to read and knit at the same time.  I know! It sounds crazy but it’s totally possible.  It only takes a little practice; and, it has to be knitting or purling stitches only.  Purling is a little tricky, but still possible.  I have a Kindle from Amazon and I can the font size larger. I sit on the couch and place the Kindle next to me and just knit and read. 

This month the book club that I am in, has suggested The Assault by Harry Mulisch.  He’s a Dutch author that writes about the resistance during WWII.  I am 24% into the story (according to the Kindle) and I am enjoying it.  I have to be done reading in 2 weeks. 

Now, you ask what is on my iPod?  Remember, I am still working on that “never ending scarf” (I did almost 2 inches this week). I really enjoy reading/listening to Harlan Coben.  I first found him through suggesting, “if you like this, you may like this…”  I started with the Myron Bolitar series and have read many others by Mr. Coben.  I listening Caught now and I am, literally, “caught” in the book!

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